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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Afrika Pseudobruitismus - Scratching Peace Symbols in The Sky

Afrika Pseudobruitismus is a profilic musician based in Melilla (a spanish town on the Nort Coast of Morocco), his identity is kept in secret : "on some way I work on a confortable cladestinity ... in a couple of months I'll begin my first concerts in Spain". He doesn't consider himself a graphic designer but he prefer to say " I am a collagist ...". AP has also other aliases named under Olelé Brut and Heavy Metal Brut but his main focus is on Afrika Pseudobruitismus, he has a new collection of tropical hypnagogic material clashed with some wild sci-fi and ambient drone scapes called "Scratching Peace Symbols in The Sky". The nature of his audio collages suggest the same passion of earlier James Ferraro works " I suppose this is a influence in the last times, but sunshine pop and psychedelic pop of the 60's too, a lot of protoelectronica... My influences are always changing with the time, I began making electronic noise... surrealism and trash are great influences too". You cant go wrong with this one. Embrace the Futurismo of AfrikaPseudobruitismus. Download for free "Scratching Peace Symbols in The Sky" on Bandcamp. Check more 'LSD' musical trips on A.P. soundcloud.

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