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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Freddy Ruppert - M.U. Podcast 34# (January 2012)

Freddy Ruppert (ex Former Ghosts member) mixes the #34 M.U. Podcast
About the mix: "I'd rather not give any information about the mix or say anything about the mix directly."
As far as new projects coming up, I am working strictly on solo work at the moment. I just released an EP called Home From The Wars which is available digitally here: . I am also focusing my attention on a record called "Wait" which is based around ultra bleak ultra minimal soundscapes - mainly reverberated bass tones. I didn't include any Former Ghosts songs because I am not doing Former Ghosts anymore. More information on that and reasons behind that can be found here:

Freddy Ruppert - M.U. Podcast 34# (January 2012)
1. Felt Drawings - Head Lock
2. Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart
3. Kevin Greenspon - Barring Will
4. Bam Bam - Where's Your Child?
5. Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride
6. Reinhold Frield - La Grimace Du Soleil
7. BARR - Context Ender
8. Freddy Ruppert - 4
9. Skinny Puppy - Spasmolytic
10.Taylor Swift - Ours
11.Joyce Manor - Constant Headache

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