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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pimmon - M.U. Podcast 35# (January 2012)


Cover Art by Sophie Hutchings

Pimmon (Paul Gough) is known as «the prolific godfather of Australian electronics». His latest work 'The Oansome Orbit' released on Nov.11 at Room40 : « We can hear parallels in this rhetoric and aesthetic with everyone from Fennesz to Leyland Kirby».

About the mix: The mix features quite a few Australian artists that I love as well as tracks I've been listening to a lot in the last year. It has a nostalgic bent - with artists like Severed Heads & Lithops - Ellard & St.Werner being 2 electronic giants in my opinion.I'm also very fond of loopy/cut-up stuff along the lines of Monster Rally, Stock, Hausen & Walkman - more recently the magic of Australian artist Thomas William.
I will have new releases / first is a collab release with Fabio Orsi released on Home Normal called 'Procrastination'. April release. I'm preparing to return to Europe in March - playing shows in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Belgium and Italy. There will be a UK & Europe tour CD release as well. Then pimmon full length towards end of the year." Regards, Paul.
01.Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Broccoli (Ventilating Deer)
02.Severed Heads - Charivari (Clean)
03.Analog Concept - Listen Already Today To the Music of Past! (Listen Already Today To the Music of Past!)
04.Option Command - Ellie Can Dance (Horizon Glow)
05.Jandy - Terpeleset di Telur (Anything That's Jandy)
06.Thomas William - Cutting Keys (Deccan Technicolour)
07.Monster Rally - Moonglow (Coral)
08.Curd Duca - Sin World (Easy Listening 5)
09.Housewife - Hot Monk (Galaxy Galaxy)
10.Joe Beats - ETA (Diverse Recourse)
11.Hammocks and Honey - Simple Things [Collarbones Remix] (Spellbinder Remixes)
12.Radio People - Walls In Motion (Hazel)
13.Lithops - Untitled 8 (Didot)
14.Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub (Biokinetics)
15.Container - Protrusion (Container)
16.Dro Carey - Leary Blips (
17.Rhoborhythmaticons - Knife And Fork (Terse Sampler 7")
18.Galapagoose - Becoming Animal (EP2)
19.Vanilla - Hyper Gradient Symphony (Chrometails)
20.Reflection - Water\Blind\Exhibition (The Errornormous World)
21.Hydroplane - Wurlitzer Jukebox (Hydroplane)

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