ROSS 154 - Hybrids EP (Applied Rhythmic Technology)

ROSS 154 -  Hybrids EP (Applied Rhythmic Technology) Emerging in the golden wake of Jochem Peteri aka Ross 154’s Strike reissue, legendary Dutch techno label Eevo Lute Musique present a reissue of the project’s stellar debut EP, Fragments [1993], newly remastered and retitled as the Hybrids EP for K. Degiorgio’s A.R.T. Crafted with the same live hardware process which he’s stuck to ever since, the EP oscillates between four lush ambient Hybrids vignettes and an equal number of perfectly dark, rugged techno-house and breakbeat mutations. The title tune is a killer twist on Suburban Knight-style 313 ruggedness, all churning toms and night-vision synths, whilst Remembrance slays with syncopated breaks and DX7 torque in a sport of parallel to UK hardcore and Autechrian AI, whereas Mayflower works between deep NYC house and some of the finest, kinkiest drums indebted to Derrick May.


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