GROUP RHODA - Wilderless (Dark Entries Records)

GROUP RHODA - Wilderless (Dark Entries Records) Pairing poetically abstract, observational lyrics with exquisitely adroit drum programming and lissom synth contours dripping with hooks, Wilderness forms a subtle refinement of what we remember from Mara Barenbaum aka Group Rhoda’s earlier releases. And just like Heinrich Mueller, Group Rhoda effortlessly remains true to original ‘80s machine styles while patently refreshing their templates with timeless effect. One can hear it in the supple, acidic bent and deliquescent starburst dynamics of Trespass, in the almost digi-dub budge of The Ice House, and like Suicide in Detroit on June, while Mexi Meri is like a perfectly measured mix of Gina X Performance and Arpanet, and sea or Be Sea hints at a certain Patrick Cowley-esque subaquatic electro sensuality.Impeccable stuff! In Boomkat. Listen/Samples


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