TAFI ALL STARS - Outside Rhythm (Autonomous Africa)

TAFI ALL STARS - Outside Rhythm (Autonomous Africa) Too often these cross-continental projects can sound like spiced up tech-house, but not this time, as they find a fine, loose balance of vibes hingeing on the international language of dub, turning up heady vibes in
the sloshing rhythms and echoic space of Gormedzedze, strutting punk-funk-disco with gorgeous vox on Deka Wor Wor, and a superb mesh of live drums and minimal electronics in Cantata.Turn to the B-side and the EP really comes into its own with more psychedelic expressions in Outside Rhythm and the Sordid Sound System dub of Cantata, as dusk passes in richly evocative fashion with the star-gazing electronics and Regina Egbeako’s fragile lullaby are carried off into dreamscape on Agbe Me Nya Wo. In Boomkat Listen/Samples


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