WALTER GIBBONS - Jungle Music (Strut)

WALTER GIBBONS - Jungle Music (Strut) Walter Gibbons was a crucially important figure in the history of dance music, one who has become particularly renowned for his pioneering of the remix as an art form. In addition to taking up residency behind the turntables at New York's Galaxy 21, Gibbons was among the first artists to make his own reel-to-reel edits of tracks, extracting the maximum dancefloor potential from the source material. He's also gone down in history as the first DJ to be given access to multitrack tapes, and his resultant remix of Double Exposure's 'Ten Percent' in 1976 might be regarded as the point of genesis for the remix as we know it today. The tag 'Jungle Music' was given to Gibbons' work due to the DJ's tendency to extend tracks to the ten minute mark with prolonged percussion sequences and tribal breaks. Across this double disc collection, the good folks at Strut have set about compiling Gibbons' key works through the 1970s and 1980s, taking in material from Gladys Knight and Bettye Lavette, but also the next generation's house, electro and post-punk, with works by Arthur Russell, Dinosaur L and Strafe among others. in Boomkat


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