EOC - Information Warfare

EOC - Information Warfare (Ai Records) Comentários: Ai’s 25th full length package is in fact two separate EPs delivered as a single vinyl release and sees the label return to its more experimental side with refreshingly original music from Japan’s EOC. Little is known about this mysterious producer and even the label has only been able to gather scant details about the mind behind the madness. Born in 1977 in Kyoto, Katsunori Sawa has held an interest in European music since childhood and while many producers often cite a wide variety of influences, it’s quicker to name the genres that EOC doesn’t feel have shaped him as his near endless list ranges from jazz and classical to electro and techno via noise, mambo and folk (to name but a few!). This love of such an eclectic and massively varied selection of music results in EOC’s productions ending up on a genre almost of their own and this is quite simply how the artist intends it to be, having let his music be created almost from the movement of his limbs manipulating his equipment rather than trying to reach any kind of pre-meditated goal. in soundrevolt [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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