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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ZOMBY - Where Were U In '92?

ZOMBY - Where Were U In '92? (Werk) Comentários: Technicolour rave freak Zomby comes with a bit of a shocker for Werk Disks, setting aside his killer dubstep style for a hot minute to produce a rough, ready and raw album of Piano rave and '91/'92 'ardkore variants. Firing up with a neat rave riff on 'F*ck mixing lets dance' and launching into a dope 138bpm breakbeat bomb you're immediately dumped into the middle of the dance, lazers scouring your retinas and everything. Then there's the staggered chords of 'Euphoria' setting up for a right little skankout, before the loony grinning cheekiness of 'We got the sound' and onto the horns and subs of 'Tears in the rain'. It all starts to get a little more happy hardcore with 'G.T.I', pitching up the pianos and deploying some mentasms for the Swindon crew. 'Pillz' krunks it up for the 2008 crew with a hyper collision of Ghetto-tech, B-more bounce and Dutty South Vibes, while 'Hench' sends it back for the darkside set over in the corner and 'B With me' does a naughty badman interpretation of Lenny de Ice's 'We are IE' and 'U are my fantasy' lets his imagination run wild with a mash of Baby D's classic with The streetfighter theme tune. This is probably of the most intelligent, enjoyable, well executed and heartfelt rave homages we've heard in tie and we can't recommend it any more highly. Do you like rave mate? in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Blogger electriklife said...

na primeira audiçao estranhei um pouco, mas resolvi repetir a dose e aí entrou melhor, é curioso e imaginativo os pequenos detalhes na produção, os samples "uk rave" dos começos dos anos noventa marcam concerteza toda a diferença, é impossível ficar indiferente a tamanha criatividade e inteligencia musical

Tuesday, 18 November, 2008  

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