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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ON THE HOUR - Series 1

ON THE HOUR - Series 1 (The Entire 2nd Series feat Chris Morris, Armando Iannucci & Steve Coogan) (Warp) Comentários: Peerlessly brilliant radio comedy from Chris Morris and a writing/performing team that includes Steve Coogan (in his first appearances as Alan Partridge), Armando Iannucci, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and a whole roster of Britain's leading comedy talent. From the opening line of the very first show: "It's 11.20, this is On The Hour" these discs never cease to entertain, loaded with incisive satire and jibes at the mechanisms of radio news and entertainment broadcasting itself. The shows are held together with clever sound editing techniques, brilliant prank phone calls (which probably don't seem like too good an idea nowadays) and amazing musical spoofs. This first set comes with the original pilot episode, recorded in February 1991. "Chris Morris' acclaimed BBC Radio comedy, which spawned 'The Day Today' and legendary characters like Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge, will be released for the first time on 24th November via Warp on 2 Deluxe CD packages, featuring all episodes and previously unheard content!" in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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