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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A MADE UP SOUND aka 2562 - Shortcuts

A MADE UP SOUND aka 2562 - Shortcuts (A Made Up Sound) Comentários: A severely limited and exclusive glimpse into the mind of Dave Huismans aka 2562 aka A Made Up Sound, with his self released 'Shortcuts' album offering up 20 nuggets of intimate beat experimentalism and bluest late night vibes. The album was born as a sort of concept set back in 2004 when Huismans tried to complete a track each evening after work during a rainy month in Dutch suburbia. The results are 20 tracks ranging from just under a minute to over four minutes in length, cohesively steering between a range of melancholy blue moods held together with shattered dubstep, strafing electro synthlines and a tempered minimal techno ambience much like his later works, but in an altogether rawer and stream-of-consciousness style. The brevity of some tracks mostly leaves you wanting to hear an extended version, but once you've settled into the constantly shifting groove the set gels together as a kind of waking dream like state, as a blink-and-you miss it pace will require many repeated listens. Arching from Flylo style wonk through to the brittle breaks of Seiji and the dark undercurrents of T++ , Huismans' unique style coalesces around certain elements, namely the sumptuous blue atmospheres and twitchy beat tendancies that have made his more recent productions so very highly sought after. This is an unexpected, thoroughly enjoyable and extremely limited edition - grab one while you can! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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