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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gatekeeper - Giza

Gatekeeper - Giza (Merok) Comentários: Chicago's Gatekeeper follow last year's debut with a brilliant, and far more substantial, EP for Merok (home to releases from Kingdom, Salem, Teengirl Fantasy). If you've not checked their first 12" or awesome Fact mix, you really should sort it out. 'Giza' expands their style over six tracks, blending traces of Italo, Industrial EBM, and early Chicago house with VHS sci-fi soundtrack signatures and arcade game music. They've got a close contemporary ally for this sound in HIT's White Car and to a certain extent Skam's VHS Head, but Gatekeeper's tracks have an innate cinematic narrative that's quite hard to ignore and more like a cybercylic hallucination of the music they adore, than a rehash or cut-up. From the arcade biker themes of 'Chains', to the menacing Hellraiser vibes of 'Storm Column' , the leather-bound thrust of 'Giza' and the digital hallucinations of 'Mirage' this is a feast for any industrial dancefloor aesthetes. Highly recommended!

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