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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Larry Marshall - Queer And Wonder

Larry Marshall - Queer And Wonder (Rare Youth) Comentários: Incredible debut LP of sorts from cult Rhode Island songwriter Larry Marshall, on a very special delivery from Geoff Mullen's Rare Youth label. His self-described "gothic folk... from the future" has only appeared on cassette for Unskilled Labor previously, but thanks to Mr Mullen's canny use of a small grant from the state of R.I, Larry's kaleidoscopic lo-fi sound can now infect lives outside a small circle of fans in Providence. We're almost at a loss how to describe this set... Larry essentially sounds like about ten different people over the course of the LP, switching between ropes-end coldwave, brilliantly discordant acoustic guitar recitals and proper outsider folk, well warranting comparisons to everyone from Syd Barrett to Gary Wilson. We were instantly struck with images of a younger Cosmic Dennis Greenridge on his opening bontempi-ballad 'All Is Broken', before the uniquely fractured timing of his live recordings at Manchester's Night & Day clearly justify the Barrett analog. Perhaps of most interest to us are those warped ****wave tracks like 'Tina's Fake Or Real' with its freakish double tracked vocals, the emaciated C&C-like 'International Punk Trick' or the Ariel Pink-styled 'Balloon Boy', but it's all making us too dizzy to think straight right now. This is just an immensely strange record and a brilliant installment for Rare Youth. Limited to 350 copies with ace sleeve and insert/lyric sheet. Well recommended! in boomkat

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