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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jimi Bazzouka - Edits Vol.2

Jimi Bazzouka - Edits Vol.2 (Tigersushi) Comentários: Four years after "Edits Vol.1" Tigersushi don Joakim Bouaziz adopts his cunning disguise of Jimi Bazzouka and is back with another set of re-edited favourites from his record box. Jimi originally made these edits for his own DJ sets, so they are fine-tuned for maximum dancefloor damage. But Jimi also wanted to be able to listen to these when he gets home. So no looped-up boring stuff here, instead we get top notch editing mastercraft in three different styles: A1 a post punk / punk-funk bomb (Killing Joke's "Change"), that was highly influential on LCD Soundsystem and "Losing My Edge" apparently. Next we have a European no wave rarity, by a very cult Swiss band, a weapon of choice to introduce some electro-dance tension in your set. Last but not least we have a track from a similar era, but totally different vibe, Jan Hammer's "Don't You Know", a classic piece of electronic Balearic disco-pop, made in California by a Dutch man. Ideal for either the cosy warm-up or the late late night. in piccadillyrecords

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