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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RAIME - Raime EP

RAIME - Raime EP (Blackest Ever Black) Comentários: Massively tipped debut from this new artist and label; Raime, and Blackest Ever Black Recordings. The UK based duo have forged one of the finest contributions to the darkened post-dubstep canon we've yet heard, distilling the essence of Shackleton's most maudlin moments with labyrinthine reverbs and salt-cured percussion over three tracks allegedly built from arcane industrial and post-punk samples. This 12" is already causing much consternation in the blogosphere; with Altered Zones, Simon Reynolds' Blissblog and Fact Magazine all singing its praises. 'Retread' initiates the session with an unnerving arrangement of suspended, ceremonial drums and an immensely affective choral drone, deployed with enough subtlety and atmosphere to really send shivers down the spine. 'This Foundry' follows, uncannily recalling the parallel dimensions of Balam Acab in its dragging Quasimodo flow and and vastly spacious sound design. 'We Must Hunt Under The Wreckage Of Many Systems' puts the final, frozen finish to the EP with a still, centred rhythm seemingly hung from flesh hooks in the ceiling while bowel shuddering subs disturb the flagstones below, shadowy reverbs skittering off cold, concrete surfaces. We've heard about a very special remix package forthcoming, but for now you'll have to flay yourself to this every evening. Outstanding. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples][Dazed & Confused Interview]

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