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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Morphosis - What Have We Learned - Remixes Part 1

Morphosis - What Have We Learned - Remixes Part 1 (M>O>S) Comentários: When this idea came about, there was some speculation here if it was a going to be plausible prospect. Throughout all the deliberation one fact remained: Re-workings from these artists would make the perfect precursor 12” to the full Morphosis album, and it just HAD to happen. Then it did. NWAQ turns in one hell of a dub! An almost relentless 7.5 minute float, that’s underpinned with thriftily placed percussion, and a true beast of a kick drum. No build-ups. No break-downs. So, now… let’s all bow towards to the master. Just For One Day’s rudeboy drum palette is going to be familiar to more than a few people. Let’s just say that this is the new guise of a veteran German producer who’s uncompromising music has graced some of the world’s most exciting record labels over the past 15 years. For this remix he hijacks the ‘Android’s Among Us’ and throws them right into a sound system shootout somehow leaving the core elements from the original track in tact. Seriously killer. For fans of 2 Step, Jungle & Dr Who(?). Please Note: This will be a vinyl only affair. Morphosis’ debut long player ‘What We Have Learned’ in Feb 2011 on 2LP, CD & Digital. This project will be a tri-label production, with M>O>S Recordings, Delsin and Morphine joining forces. The circle is now complete. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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