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Thursday, September 15, 2011

James Ferraro - Condo Pets EP (Hippos In Thanks)

James Ferraro is a”critically acclaimed artist of the 21st Century POP ART wave”. Is new digital only material named "Condo Pets EP" preludes his forthcoming LP 'Far Side Virtual' through Hippos In Tanks on October 25th, in which, Ferraro explains, “The results of this relationship will see a new era in Art History.”
James now goes minimalistic or post-impressionist if you prefer. His ambitious 80’s nostalgia took him now closer to Japan, it haves that psyche sophistication of Haroumi Hosono and a thin glow of YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra), an excellent challenge to achieve that so called “Newness” in music. Condo Pets will nourish perfectly the famished 21st century I-pod consumers with his pleasant-sounding work. TIP! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

James Ferraro: Condo Pets tracklist:
01 Text Bubbles
02 The Secret World Of Condo Pets
03 Eco - Tot
04 Life In A Day
05 Smoothies, Foodies, Flat Screens And Virtuality
06 Find Out What's On Carrie Bradshaw's iPod
07 Saint Prius

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