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Friday, September 02, 2011

TEMPORAL MARAUDER - Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel (Spectrum Spools)

TEMPORAL MARAUDER - Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel (Spectrum Spools)Comentários: "Heady album of synth exploration from Temporal Marauder, new on Spectrum Spools, the Mego offshoot curated by Emeralds' John Elliott!** While the majority of SS releases thus far have tended towards the whooshing, new age end of kosmische, Temporal Marauder dares to traverse more hostile and troubling terrain. While there are some nice arpeggiated ragas on offer in the time-honoured German style ('Llissa's Lament', 'I Saw You Walking'), the going rate is more rough-hewn and experimental: 'Temporal Shift Reaction' and 'Glances Under Glass' sound like leep-deprived, heroin-sick techno, juddering 4/4 pulses struggling manfully through dense foliages of squirming, teeming electronics. 'Subtractive Existence' dazzles with its canny deployment of angular no wave guitar and a gleeful surplus of analogue scree over an undulating almost-groove, perfectly encapsulating the LP's spirit of psychedelic inventiveness. Do not attempt to listen to Temporal Marauder while driving or operating heavy machinery. Highly Recommended!" in boomkat. I'll be hearing this one like an insane for the next few days. Might need an intervention after that. These analogue 'kraut' synths are beyond sick! Mundo Urbano

temporal marauder - temporal marauder makes you feel (album preview) by experimedia

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