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Sunday, September 04, 2011

TheAwayTeam “Star Kinship” release 2011.9.21

Mastered by Andrea Merlini (aka Andreas Herz, Kobol Electronics, head of MinimalRome). TheAwayTeam hails from Rome, Italy; he makes laid-back/ acid tracks as Polysick and video experiments through the AAVV imprint. As Polysick he released an album “Meteo” on Legowelt’s StrangeLifeRecords, a split EP with SFVacid on Swishcotheque (UK) and various rmxs and collaborations (including a track on the “ICASEA Benefit Compilation for Japan” earlier this year). As AAVV he worked on official videos for Stellar Om Source, Com Truise, SLEEP ∞ OVER, CVLTS, Panabrite and others as well as releasing dvds by Luke Wyatt and italian psychedelic duo CADEO. TheAwayTeam new and highly anticipated album “Star Kinship” will be released Sept 21st on japanese label Moamoo. It’s the third release after “Evacuate Planet Earth” (Bumtapes, Hooker Vision) and “Relax&Sleep” (DVD-EP on Sturmundrugs Records). The sound inspiration for “Star Kinship” lies somewhere between Steve Roach tribal ambient albums (especially “Strata” with Robert Rich, and the other “aboriginal” influenced stuff), early 90′s chillout electronica (from “A Huge ever growing..” by the Orb to Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series) with a reminiscence of the dark exotica explorations of obscure Umiliani’s library albums like “Polinesia”: it was conceived as background music for an imaginary voyage in a “lost continent” (both in time and space), through desert plains, waterfalls, and deep forests where mysteryous rites are celebrated by uncontacted tribes with a special blood tie with the stars. Pre Order Here.

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