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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Strategy - Super Awareness Is Fruit (Under The Spire)

Strategy - Super Awareness Is Fruit (Under The Spire) Comentários: *Limited edition of 200 copies on clear vinyl. One 20-minute, deeply layered and psyched-out dub track from Paul Dickow's Strategy project split over two sides* Super Awareness Is Fruit comes as a welcome expansion of the multilayered ambiences that made up Dickow's Music For Lamping long-player, tackling the contemporary drone-scape with an agenda that eschews minimalist convention in favour of a sparkling, densely populated narrative full of dissolved acoustic timbres, wah-wah filtering treatments and big, warm bass depth charges. Genre buzzwords like 'kosmische' waft indelibly into the consciousness, but there's little that's retro about Strategy's sound - these beatless, watery vistas are psychedelic in a very 21st century sense of the word, bringing humanised, jam-band dynamics to a pristine electronic idiom. in boomkat

Strategy - Super Awareness Is Fruit - EDIT by Under The Spire
Strategy - Ninety Degrees Edit by Under The Spire

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