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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nickolas Mohanna - Reflectors

Nickolas Mohanna - Reflectors (Preservation) Comentários: Part of the Circa series (limited editions of 300 copies) is the second album from Nikolas Mohanna under his birth name after years of recording as Vakhchav. 'Reflectors' draws upon the rich sensory experience of living in the complex sprawl of New York, and his time studying with noted improvisor and sampling maverick Bob Ostertag, to create dense, dynamic and detailed electronic environments with a certain sense of sci-fi wonder. We can hear this in the quality of shifting layers in 'Neon Agents', which disperse and diffuse as through we're hovering through a misty alley in the sub-levels of a futurist metropolis, or when we're reminded of John Carpenter in the bubbling arpeggios of 'Color Theory' and the inquisitive melodies of 'Mott Street'. These are vivid sound designs, or even tone poems for the future, combining a subtly lyrical melodic touch with the kind of immersive spatial auras which simply make you forget you're listening, suspending disbelief and placing you in the centre of some abstract yet tangibly evocative experience. The mastering job from James Plotkin no doubt lends a very effervescent finish. Recommended! in boomkat
Nickolas Mohanna - Neon Agents [mp3] via alteredzones

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