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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hieroglyphic Being - Le Jardin Des Chemins Bifurquants

Hieroglyphic Being - Le Jardin Des Chemins Bifurquants (Audiomer) Comentários: *Staggering, otherworldly works by Chicago's infamous cosmic connector Jamal Moss on a 45 minute album.* The last 12 months have a seen a catalytic upswing in productivity from the man also known as Jamal Moss, during which time his work has appeared on labels beyond the Techno sphere, signifying acknowledgement by a far wider-reaching group of listeners. 'Le Jardins Des Chemins Bifurquants' is among the most spectacular of this recent batch, comprising two longform experiments of instinctive, astral-searching sonics aligning the themes of Sun Ra with the abstractions of Keith Fullerton Whitman and Conrad Schnitzler's alien soundscapes. A-side 'Rhythmes Circadiens' sets an offworld nitescape of chirruping synthetic fauna and stunning darkside synth blooms which accumulate a rippling electro rhythm. B-side 'The Garden Of Forking Paths' is more contrary, detached, like Tangerine Dream meets Steve Moore at a deserted spacestation, an evolutionary trip of spooling modular tones and rusted noise with an untethered sense of imagination and exploration. For fans of his multifarious operations who've always wanted him to go one step beyond, this is a 100% essential purchase. via boomkat
Hieroglyphic Being - The Garden of Forking Paths (excerpt) by audiomer-music

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