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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Raime - HENNAIL (Blackest Ever Black) Comentários: Blackest Ever Black's dysphoric duo present their most exquisitely realised single. A year in the making, 'Hennail' renders their illicit sound with an ever finer appreciation of tonal subtlety and tendon-tightening rhythmic dynamism. Their influences - militant, misanthropic post punk, hydraulic hardcore jungle and wasteland ambience - are more explicit than ever, yet utterly dissolute from the mass. On 'Told And Collapsed' the drums hang and swoon with a filigree syncopation owing as much to The Danse Society as Source Direct, while vein-popping industrial hollers are inverted deep into the matrix, beautifully accenting the track's barely-repressed violence at the most crucial, tongue biting moments. On 'You Will Lift Your Frame Clear' shuddering bass takes precedence, desecrating their soundsphere with a noxious, choking presence giving license to the onset of cenobite synth sighs and awning strings which subliminally ratchet the terror levels to startling degrees. Play it as loud as you can take... via boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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