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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Karl O'connor - White Savage Dance (Downwards)

Karl O'connor (Regis) - White Savage Dance (Downwards) Comentários: *First pressing Includes postcard + A4 insert with extensive sleevenotes by Tony Burnham aka Antonym* 'White Savage Dance' collects five seminal recordings by Karl O'Connor (Regis) as Sandra Electronics made between 1986 and 1999. They document the very earliest years of a canonical artist and his nascent experiments influenced by late '70s electro, post punk and European Industrial - from Robert Rental to DAF, Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire - which would lay the foundations for a wealth of inspirational, definitive Techno productions. The A-side features three calcium and vitamin C-deficient tracks dating to 1986-88: the hypnotic, wheezing synths and dry rhythms of 'Clean Air' from 1986, beside the scrawny, phet-infused german version, and clenched english version of 'Here And Now' from 1988. The mindset and aesthetic is caustic, stripped-searched and sly but not without a prototypical form of the dark elegance which would come to define his later work. The flipside tracks 'I Understand' and 'A Man Has Responsibilties' came about a decade later and feature Karl's spiky brummie vocals set to brittle, mechanical drums played by Go Go Girl and recalling the stripped-down repetitions of his heroes DAF. In total, these tracks isolate an essence of urging, prodding funk and punkish noise which has been integral to certain strains of the techno lineage since rockabilly and found thru Can, the Cab's and right up to the likes of Powell nowadays. Essential works - a must for Regis obsessives and newbies alike. via boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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