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Friday, November 11, 2011

Innercity - Terrestreality (Aguirre)

Innercity - Terrestreality (Aguirre) Comentários: *Edition of 300 copies only for the world* Fresh from his ace 7" for NNA Tapes, Belgium's Hans Dens drops his 2nd vinyl LP of lo-fi hypnagogic synthscrapes. His latest blown-out Techno odyssey scrambles the coordinates between Krautrock, minimal synth music and Belgian beats, hovering in an illusory interzone of self-organising synth music and almost unconsciously programmed arrangements. Through the A-side we encounter the lolling, eyes-shut 'Opiate Vague' which sounds somewhere between Hype Williams and Rabih Beani, besides the decaying topographies of 'Pai Apnan/Pai Nan' like Motion Sickness of Time Travel on a bad trip, and the submerged murk of 'Grind At Heart'. Flipside the journey becomes more fractal with a series of shorter tracks morphing from humid cyber-tropical simulations reminding of L.J.R. Martens to infernal dream noise and chewed techno, before spitting us out on the mind-decompressing drone pressure systems of 'Baby Food'. Most excellent. via boomkat

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