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Monday, September 17, 2007


NACIENTE QUARTET, The - Hymn Beat (The Hooter Listens Holland) Comentários: Part 1 of a highly limited 10" series. First up is the Uk's Naciente Quartet giving a beautiful African inspired instrumental cut 'Hymn Beat'...the flip features a rather rolling remix from Chico Mann (Kindred Spirits / Antibalas) ... comes packaged in screen printed , full artwork sleeve... lovely!Debut vinyl release from this London based band. All musically active in their own rights, together as the Quartet, they fuse post rock and some far more uncatagorisble styles of music – creating an impressive and altogether charming sound. A big favorite of the label’s curator since they first took to performing around 2003, the sunshine tinged Hymn Beat is a track that really got the Hooter twitching one evening at the legendary Spitz Club, London. It’s from that moment that this release was born. Chico Mann (Kindred Spirits) AKA Marcos Garcia (Antibalas) offers up a wonderful interpretation of the track that he dedicates to Ellegua (the mythical Caribbean deity who ‘opens the ways’). Although undoubtedly Chico, it’s quite a different sound compared to his previous production outings – rolling in like some classic Stereolab then taking off into an Afro-Cuban version of space, sponsored by Casio…kind of. Chico Mann opened all of his recent European live shows (London, Paris, Rotterdam + Amsterdam) with a fully live version of this song. nota do editor . The Hooter Listens will release a small series of limited edition 10”s, each packaged in screen printed artwork from the wonderfully talented Attai [Para Ouvir]



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