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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BASTEROID - Upsets Ducks

BASTEROID - Upsets Ducks (Areal Germany) Comentários: Basteroid have been recording for the Areal label more or less since the turn of the century, but if we're not mistaken this is their first full length outing for them. If you've heard any of their myriad 12" releases over the years you'll have a good idea of the kind of noise they make, a 4/4 template firmly rooted in the plastic maximalisms so beloved of the Kompakt mothership a couple of years ago. There are some notable exceptions. "Jacktales" being a fragmented 8-bit electro variation complete with memorable chords, and "Allright"s squashed drum loops, but for the most part "Upsets Ducks" is an album that'll be most enjoyed by those of you with a familiarity and love for the Areal label and its roster... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


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