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Saturday, September 15, 2007

PREFUSE 73 feat School Of Seven Bells - The Class Of 73 Bells

PREFUSE 73 feat School Of Seven Bells - The Class Of 73 Bells (Warp) Comentários: So, Scott Herren is back with new Prefuse 73 EP, but after a disappointing turn with the rather forgettable 'Security Screenings' album, does anyone still care? Well, with the evidence on show here they should do, and in typical Herren style he's notched up a whole host of collaborations to make the music world go 'ooh' and 'aah'. The EP's lead track is a collaboration with New York vocal act Seven Bells, but a cursory listen could lead you (as it did me) to mistake it for a Savath and Savalas track. Not that this is a bad thing, I've long been a supporter of that particular facet of Herren's personality but to my mind this isn't the strongest (and most original) track on the album, that accolade would go to 'Smoking Red', a collaboration with ex-Helmet and current Battles stick beater John Stanier. There's a hint of Four Tet in Prefuse's handling of Stainer's live breakage, but that unique P73 flavour still shines through, mostly in the devastating chords and light drum processing. What we end up with is some kind of re-invention of classic hip hop, a cross between oldschool DJ Shadow and something far more experimental, and a far cry from the electroid hip hop that used to define the Prefuse sound. Elsewhere we get 'En Blanco', a lo-fi collaboration with Botanica Del Jibaro man Epstein, and a classical version of the title track which is a real shock, out performing the original track in almost every way with its lush arrangements and gorgeous atmosphere. Apparently the forthcoming full-length album 'Preparations' is going to come with a classical album 'Ensembles', and if the tracks are as lovely as this then I think it might well be something worth looking forward to. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



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