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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Destaques: Vinyl

HOULE, Marc - Techno Vocals (Minus Canada) Comentários: Why are the vocals turned down so low? this is the way we make techno! to mark the label’s 50th release marc houle gets right back to basics with two raw, stripped down future classics. what’s more both vinyl cuts, “techno vocals” and “on i t” clock in at under six minutes meaning that this compact 12inch’s sound and message is going to be coming through extra loud and clear. on “techno vocals” (as with all houle productions) each sound is perfectly realised, commanding its own space with metronomic discipline. the rigid drum patterns, analogue explosions, regimented snare rolls, laser guided effects and delayed bleeps interact with supreme efficiency, while the arrangement is mapped out with cool, calculated intent. the result is a totally robust example of a-grade techno that’s really brought to life by the self-referential, pitched down vocal hook! it’s well documented that marc has more than a passing interest in 80’s electro, new wave and retro computer games and these influences are somehow more apparent on minus 50 than on his earlier solo releases or as part of run, stop, restore. “on it ” in particular will turn a few heads, making, as it does, a detour into previously unexplored territory. revolving around a heavily filtered melodic bass riff, houle punctuates the dry, upfront groove with a choice selection of rough, old school samples before dropping into a series of moody bass variations that give the track its distinctive flavour. to complete the release, dub and accapella versions of “techno vocals” are also available as digital downloads offering amongst other things the chance to reformat the vocals over the original beats. in nu loop [Para Ouvir]
DJ STINGRAY (DREXCIYA) - Aqua Team (Sherard Ingram unleashes his debut recorded material under the Drexciyan DJ Stingray moniker, making his super-developed strand of hyper-speed aquatic electro available to public consumption for the very first time. This is, of course, impeccably produced material, the percussive programming here underpinned by that signature padded bassline that envelops the tracks with immense warmth despite their frenetic pace. Drexciyan signatures are also littered around the tracks, discordant 8-bit malfunctions and an eerie science fiction obsession leaving archetypal markers for those of you always on the lookout for these subtle connections to days gone by. "Silicon Romance" is by far the best thing here, not a million miles removed from the more recent Urban Tribe material, and full of those stylistic signatures that have gained Ingram such a dedicated following over the last decade. Excellent stuff. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
LEGOWELT - Disco Rout rmxs (Cocoon Germany) Comentários: With Deetron, we were able to get one of the most successful producers of the past year to remix Legowelt's Disco Rout. The result plays to the core of the time and proves the current development of House Music returning to the cities' techno dancefloors. Chicago waves from beyond and fans of French Kiss and Rej will have great fun with this release. Lively arpeggios create a hypnotic vibe without ever becoming obtrusive. Together with David K's Mayann, this remix is for sure one of the most housy releases on Cocoon Recordings so far. In contrast to this, Freeform Five fathom the strong depths of current House and Techno productions. Pumping beats, enormously compressed and clearly aiming at the peaktime on the main floor – infatuating effectful vocal snippets, a creaking bassline and insane arrangement moves make the Freeformreform a giant monster, delivering the perfect soundtrack for one of the last Freakshow evenings in Ibiza. in rushhour [Para Ouvir]
SERO - Megamaid (XOX Records) Comentários: Fourth release on this hot Finnish label. Sero's music is a mixture of 808 beats, oldschool samples and badass basslines. The result is a classic electrosound that all cowbell-junkies love. Also the ''Bass Junkie's Megabass remix'' from Bass Junkie. nota do editor[Para Ouvir]


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