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Friday, September 14, 2007

6BLOCC - Creal / Digits

6BLOCC - Creal / Digits (LO Dubs) Comentários: Err, ok, so the concept here is simple - take a couple of utterly classic pieces of electro , strip them down to their barest elements and re-build them in a dubstep fashion. With props to "Karl, Ralph, Florian and Juan" you get a good idea of the poor sods whose music has been pillaged for these productions, and with opening track "Creal" (you any good at 5 letter Anagrams?) you'll know exactly what we're talking about. The end result is surprisingly effective, with Juan's analogue raw materials lending themselves quite effortlessly to one of those endlessly rumbling basslines that you lot are so enamoured with. On the flipside for "digits" read "Numbers", with Karl, Ralph and Florian's most developed work splintered off into a stammering beast of a track, the hook from "Computer World" tagged along for good measure. Ok, so it might sound a bit cringeworthy and is probably a musical offence punishable by death, but heck, 6Blocc thought of it first and we cant really imagine just how mentally things will go off the next time this is aired at Fwd. Limited copies - snap this up fast if you want one, they just ain't gonna last... in boomkat [Para Ouvir 1] [Para Ouvir2]



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