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Sunday, September 23, 2007

SILHOUETTE BROWN - Silhouette Brown

SILHOUETTE BROWN - Silhouette Brown (Ether) Comentários: A collection of mostly tender songs, produced by Kaidi and Dego, mixed down by Somatik and vocals from Deborah Jordan. Of the many things which struck me about the CD, the vocal arrangements truly stand out. Deborah Jordan, a relative newcomer to the 2000 Black family, flips the script on a call/response method, creating vocal lines that form a conversation wherein parallel thoughts are simultaneously conveyed. The effect is as rich and delicious as double chocolate 3-layered cake. Deborah's best known for her work with London-based avant garde jazz band, Panacea. She has also forayed into the world of underground soul world working as backing vocalist director for songstress Eska, and as a backing vocalist for Bembe Segue. Deborah's sultry blend of jazz and soul, reminiscent of Patrice Rushen, add exactly the right touch to Kaidi and Dego's music. "Silhouette Brown" is an album full of the kind of wonderful subtleties that guarantee longevity in the CD changer. "Looking Back" and "Calling You" best capture all the finesse of this long-player, but I trust you'll find the entire journey here one worth staying on for the duration. This one is easily one of the year's best. in about [Para Ouvir]

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