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Thursday, August 23, 2007


BLACK JAZZ CONSORTIUM - Re:Actions Of Light (Soul People) Comentários: RE:Actions Of Light - The first full lenght project from BJC on Soul People Music is a celebration of the ending of the old and the begining of the new. From track 1 Blessings, a vibe filled, lush and meditative tune to track 11 GOD's Promise, a thumping war cry for the those that still have faith in the all mighty Creator Of All The Worlds, there is a common theme. "My personal view is to use what was giving to me to use to make a positive contribution to the world". Simple yet truer than most coming from a man that is all about his sound, space and vibe. With a very rigerouse recording schedual, indie lable and new internet radio show begining this fall it's no wonder why this gentleman has so little to say and yet so much to offer. "In a world of so much uncertainty and hoplessness messages of hope are hard to come by. I myself don't really partake in mainstream media and when I do I find the messages to be of a selfish nature, aggressive and provocative. What do you do? You can't turn off real life, can you? We are all in the dark in more ways than one. It's up to us as indiviuals to RE:Act to the light and not the otherway around. Deepness abounds in this soul journey from everlasting to everlasting, there will always be messengers, prophets and seekers untill that final hour". What will you choose? RE:Act to the light... in soulpeoplemusic [Para Ouvir]



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