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Monday, August 20, 2007

HONIG, Ezekiel - Scattered Practices

HONIG, Ezekiel - Scattered Practices (Microcosm Music) Comentários: Ezekiel Honig is one of those rare producers who has stumbled across a sound and just run with it, I say rare because in the electronic music world it is becoming increasingly more difficult for artists to find a voice. Indeed much of what used to be known as 'electronica' has now fallen away leaving only the hardcore (and the dubstep producers) still badgering away at the style, and Honig is nothing if not driven. This drive totally pays off though, and just as with the effort he puts into his two labels Microcosm and Anticipate we see the hard work shining through on 'Scattered Practices', his third full length solo album. As with his previous works he shows a similar aesthetic as influential electronica guru Matthew Herbert, but where Herbert frames his work in funk and choppy jazz, Honig instead looks to ambient soundscapes and the most minimal of techno. Don't however assume this is a 'minimal techno' record, sure Honig uses 4/4 beats but at no point do I think they're to make you dance, rather they're used in the tradition of Signer (circa 'Low Light Dreams') or Gas, to punctuate the ambience and accentuate the soundscapes. So amongst the harmonic bliss of Rhodes and decaying synthesizer lead we have the clatter of household objects and processed field recordings, which gives a playful edge to what could so easily be austere and robotic. This playfulness is what makes 'Scattered Practices' so effortless and enjoyable to listen to, and on repeat listens the tiny details get embedded in your consciousness. It might not be the right time for electronic music right now, but there are still some producers getting it just right, and Ezekiel Honig is one of those gifted few - those of you who enjoyed the fantastic 'Airships Fill the Sky' from Honig's occasional collaborator Morgan Packard will just fall in love with 'Scattered Practices'. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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