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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

MULDROW, Georgia Anne - Sagala

MULDROW, Georgia Anne - Sagala (Ramp) Comentários: Psychedelic hip-hop, it does exist I’m sure of it but releases are pretty much few and far between, nice then that Miss Georgia-Anne Muldrow (of Stones Throw fame) has put together this psychedelic beast of a release under her new alias Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan Five. The project is touted as her ‘band’ but since she’s solely credited for writing, production and recording, I think it’s pretty much her with a few guests, and from the sounds of the record that’s no bad thing. I was a big supporter of Muldrow’s fantastic ‘Olesi’ album, but I think ‘Sagala’ is even better and shows her development as a writer and producer. The production is actually what stands out first and foremost, this is tape saturated synth ‘n samples heavy music, and almost only casually linked to hip-hop, I mean it’s still hip-hop if you’re just listening to the beats but damn it’s so much more than that. Cascading psychedelic analogue synthesized sounds, casually played Moog bass, and the sickest of beats – this stuff could have come out of Madlib’s basement and nobody would have batted an eyelid, it’s really that good. Then we have the vocals, and to my mind Muldrow has never sounded finer, every release seems to see her gain confidence and this is her most confident yet sounding like she’s really having fun with the whole process. Clocking in at only 22 minutes ‘Sagala’ is a short release but it’s a sweet one, roll on the full-length is what I say… recommended! in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


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