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Thursday, August 02, 2007

PIERCE, Troy - Gone Astray

PIERCE, Troy - Gone Astray (Minus Canada) Comentário: With ten tracks and an hour's worth of music, this release is pushing the parameters of what can still reasonably called an 'EP'. Still, that means value for money for all concerned, and so long as Pierce can sustain such high calibre productions as offered up here, the more the merrier. Introducing itself with a quirky melodicism, the EP fires into action with 'Lost On The Way To DC10', which features a screwy, detuned synth flapping about over some vulcanised percussive production. As you'd expect from the house of Minus all the various production elements arte beautifully spaced out and in proportion, but it still sounds a bit weird. The ensuing bleep track 'Klitkut' continues to dismantle any firm sense of tuning and administers some nicely evolving beat programming. You really get a sense of Pierce tweaking and changing everything on the fly, never allowing the dynamics of a beat to get too sedentary. A tad more primitive in its approach, 'Even If It's Alone (Black Acid)' is an effective minimal warehouse pleaser, whilst 'Golden' continues to shift in more acidic directions. Further along the way Konrad Black gets his hands on that opening track (the aforementioned 'Lost On The Way To DC10') and straightens it out into something approach a sensible, not too wonky techno number. The restraint and bottom-heavy micro beats of 'Finnished' might be a nod to the Sahko sound, what with its primal sound set of delayed bass throbs and pseudo-analog drum sounds. finally, Pierce shifts into his Louderbach mode for a dark slice of goth techno on a remix of 'Even If Its Alone'. Another impressive long-form release for Minus after the recent False opus. Good job. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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