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Monday, August 13, 2007

VEGA, Rolan - Documentary

VEGA, Rolan - Documentary (Community Library) Comentários: 'Documentary' is the debut album from Chicago-based producer and analogue synthesizer fetishist Rolan Vega and continues label Community Library's murky journey into the world of library music after touching on the themes with Project Perfect's 'PM+'. Using repeating synth lines, vintage step-sequencing and the kind of textures you'd expect to hear on a BBC Radiophonic Workshop related album Rolan Vega takes us into a land of wildlife documentaries, science shows, lost 60s art films and forgotten New York no-wave experiments. The first thing most of you would probably bring to mind is Boards of Canada, since the Scottish brothers did indeed tackle similar subject matter and Vega's hazy synthesis easily brings to mind their early work - but then I would even say that Vega captures this sound a little more clearly, resisting the temptation to lavish the tracks with electronic beats. Occasionally he does introduce a pulsing rhythm, most obviously on the killer '4 Autim' which takes the hissing tape recorded sounds into areas more associated with Hardwax or Basic Channel, but for the most part this is an album solely concerned with the sound of synthesizers and not drum machines. Fans of mid-70s progressive rock and Krautrock should get a kick out of tracks such as 'Motion Crisis' and 'Something Wrong with Today' then as fuzzy arpeggios trip and fall over each other reminding me of some of my favourite sci fi and horror film scores from the era, most obviously Rick Wakeman's killer solo work for 'The Burning', but I digress. This is a varied and hugely enjoyable collection of innovative electronic music, electronic music that is uncluttered by laptop trickery and the tired modern world and is much happier stopping at around 1981, and that's really just what I want to hear right now. An excellent and hugely enjoyable album. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



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