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Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 MIC CLUSTER - Crystal Mic

5 MIC CLUSTER - Crystal Mic (Output) Comentários: 5 Mic Cluster is the project of rave stalwarts Mark Broom and Milo Smee, along with a host of other conspirators and unsurprisingly has a retro electro-sonic sound not unlike Gary Numan being remixed by a roomful of Kompakt artists. Sounds horrible doesn’t it? Well it really isn’t – I’m not one to go batty over electro pop, I don’t have a blue Mohican and I don’t have any pink tees with metallic angular print on them, and the fact that this record still appeals to me speaks volumes. There’s something dramatically ‘uncool’ about ‘Crystal Mic’ and that’s where it wins me, the slightly drunken bored vocals, the reverb that makes the whole thing sound like it was recorded in someone’s basement, the crusty synth sounds – it just all hangs together so well. ‘Crystal Mic’ is a great triumph for the Output label as it seems to sum up a great deal of ideas they’ve been peddling for some time now, and what’s more, the ideas turn themselves into quite addictive little songs. Very good fun. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



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