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Monday, December 03, 2007

ANANDA, Gabriel & DOMINIK EULBERG - Kirschplunder & Jasmin Tee Bei Gabriel

ANANDA, Gabriel & DOMINIK EULBERG - Kirschplunder & Jasmin Tee Bei Gabriel (Traum Germany) Comentários: This is the second collaboration between these two artists on Traum. Their Harzer Roller 12" was the result of a trip to the Germanys mountain range, the Harz. The story behind this release is based on Dominik Eulberg´s visits to his friend Gabriel Ananda. The weekly visits have become somewhat of a ritual meeting at Gabriel´s factory for some cherry flavoured Danish pastry & jasmine tea. The a-side track "NGC 101" refers with it´s title to one of the several hobbies of both of them: visiting planetariums and observing stars. "NGC 101" is a 10 minute freaked out but at the same time super cool and controlled funky piece of techno. In the centre stands a bassline that is continually twisted and the motor of the track. The track is altogether a real bass monster, which relies totally on a reduced, stripped down beat, that can run forever. Cool breaks collect the energy, to directly spit it out again. This track will be a perfect soundtrack for the ´sunglasses´ at night. "Supernova" on the flipside is for us a perfect ´sunset´ track. Working in a similar fashion as the a-side, this track sneaks in a lovely chord that makes it´s way through layers of bass and knob twisted extravaganza, that will warm up the heart of every clubber. The cheeky breaks with noises piling up to the sky and then being pulled away... it is one of Dominik Eulberg´s tracks he uses in his DJ sets when he builds up noise cascades with two records, a CD player and a mini sampler. Welcome to the party! The story will be continued with Gabriel Ananda meeting in Dominik Eulberg´s studio in the Westerwald forest. in soundrevolt [Para Ouvir/Samples 1] [2]

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