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Sunday, December 09, 2007


SKREAM/VARIOUS - Rinse: 02 (Rinse) Comentários: Following up on the success of the Geeneus-mixed Rinse 01, dubstep wunderkind Skream mans the helm weaving a slew of his own new works into a mix that features productions by Kode 9, Coki, Benga, Rusko & Caspa, Hijak, Culture, Distance and D1. Skream's material is represented not only by a number of fresh original compositions but a host of remixes too, including reinterpretations of Zinc's 'Film', Distance's 'Night Vision' and a collaborative overhaul of his own 'Find Some Way' with Plastician. After the sirens and crunching handclaps of Culture's 'Steppin' Outta Babylon', Skream steps into the frame with one-minute interstitial cut 'Wobble That Gut' only to throw some fractured breaks and pipe melodies into his co-production 'Sandsnake' with Cluekid. Next Skream fires up some surprisingly thin-sounding general midi-ish horns for'Sinisterize' before ushering in the excellent Kode 9 remix of Badawi, which sees a marked lift in the mix's production values. It all starts to roughen up after this point though, with Benga and Coki both weighing in with some heavy sub-bass chops, leading up to Rusko & Caspa's ever so slightly daft 'Bread Get Bun', which features some dreadful street urchin character chirping on about having "f*&king battered" someone. The mix's second half is dominated by Skream's own work, which takes some interesting turns on bloopy electronica tracks like '2D' and the almost acid-like structures of 'Oit Kum Ere Sun'. Courting controversy, somewhere between Distance's 'Night Vision' and Coki's 'Road Rage' Klaxons version of Grace's 'It's Not Over Yet' gets thrown into the mix, with all the regulation dubstep bass modulations and beat templates slapped on top. The disc draws to a close on a run of more tranquil, for-the-ladies style selections culminating in the warm percussion workouts of D1's 'Sorrow', leaving you with a sense of an awful lot of distance having been travelled since you first hit play... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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