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Monday, December 10, 2007

REGINA, Donna - More

REGINA, Donna - More (Karaoke Talk) Comentários: Donna Regina, the Cologne pop-pairing of Regina Janssen and Gunther Janssen, seem to have blossomed since emerging from the German avant-pop scene in the early 90's. With More, the group's tenth LP, the duo further elaborate on the sonic and compositional chemistry which hallmarked their last release, 2005's delicate slice of pop melancholia, Slow Killer. Donna Regina's sound is a fresh yet not-so-distant entity, perching itself in a niche somewhere between the ethereal soundscapes of Mum, St. Etienne's direct dream-pop and Psapp's understated electronics. With "More" the immediate impact once submerged inside its ten-cut space is the pervading sense of hope and rejuvination the band have come to adopt. It is Regina's unaffected, silken vocals which are invaluable in this new line of discourse. In fleeting pop gem Good Morning Day, a Beatlesque piano chord progression is illuminated with her soft plea "Come on dear day, lets try to start anew". More is anchored by such moments, in which delivery achieves as much in intonation as content. The spectre of Nico looms over the acoustic guitar led "To Be Around" but the best is kept till the end with the sublime album closer "Dream On". Amongst tremolo organ, glockenspiel and upright piano, Regina's vocal somehow captures the central concern of the outfit as she sings "I wish for something i've never seen, I wish you many wishes, I wish you many dreams, I wish one day you long for something you have never seen." A record belonging deep in winter period, its swet melancholy designedto carry you through the season's fading light. Utterly Lovely. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Blogger Hug The DJ said...

D. Regina tem andado "La Ou Je Suis"...


Tuesday, 11 December, 2007  

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