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Sunday, December 09, 2007

COMMIX - Call To Mind [Album da Semana]

COMMIX - Call To Mind (Metalheadz) Comentários: (London, UK) - For critics of D'n'B, there can be the tendency to call it predictable. Tearing Amen-break heavy flex-outs, maybe some ragga vocals, a little time-stretching… just general darkness on the whole? Well, in just the same way as house and particularly techno are growing and changing, D'n'B is morphing too - into newer avenues that are more subtle and interesting than ever before. Still have some doubts? Well check out Commix' Call To Mind and call us in the morning… The best drum and bass records throw aside what has gone before, preferring to re-ignite their chosen genre by expanding it. Most recently this has been done by Pendulum on their rocky Hold Your Colour, now witness Commix (aka Goerge Levings and Guy Brewer) adding in some techno touches and even some real Philadelphia Soul to proceedings on their new album, Call to Mind. When they created the machine funk that we now know as techno, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins saw themselves as playing 'high-tek soul' (a term May plays under now). So, even though we may find Call To Mind as an album an unusual mix, we may be sure that the Detroit godfathers wouldn't - to them, it's part of the same melting pot. This is the future of drum and bass and it's fittingly released on Metalheadz - Goldie's groundbreaking imprint that remains the most well-known label in the D'n'B fraternity. Call To Mind encompasses 11 tracks spanning Levings' and Brewer's musical knowledge: from the hip-hop of Change, which features The Nextmen, to the techy bleepiness of opener Bet True and it's follow-on track Bellview, via the soulful yet minimal Spectical, there's a lot on offer here. It's drum and bass... but not as we know it. in 356 mag [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Blogger Sir Aiva said...

A Metalheadz a fazer história de novo. Este álbum de Commix vai criar amores e ódios na comunidade DnB mas não vai deixar ninguém indiferente. Para os amantes de 'brita na carola', não tem dancefloor power suficiente (à primeira vista). Mas quem gosta de música, e não de cargas de pancada sonora, vai ter muito por descobrir neste Call to Mind. Recomenda-se. Ah e o tema Emily's Smile já roda Ao Nascer da Lua. Check it out!

Tuesday, 11 December, 2007  

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