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Thursday, October 29, 2009


D'Marc Cantu - Another Number 5 Track EP (Creme Jak) Comentários: Finally a full EP by D'Marc Cantu (1/2 of 2AM/FM and under other aliases involved in collabo's with Traxx). Technically it's the follow up to his cult hit ''No Control'' (Creme JAK 02, today a highly sought after 12'') and in good H-H-H-House fashion this EP contains a ball busting JTC remix of this anthem. But the centre piece must be the title track; one of the most emo-simplo JAK trax we've ever heard here at the office. Starting out simple enough with a single finger synth line (like the musings of a retarded secretary), it mutates into a big wailing distorted saxophone (or a mating whale, who knows?), this puppy will fill your room and throw everybody into an instant K-hole. Hey, if that don't sound appealing check the soundclips for proof, it's pure LIBERATION... nay REBIRTH! More floor destroying crazyness on the flipside, but we're all out of steam describing it. Jak jak jak. in clone

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