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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Pictureplane - Dark Rift (Lovepump United US) Comentários: Picture Plane is 24-year old Travis Egedy, and he represents the more futuristic side of the post-house music, electronic new wave of the present millennium. He brings a cosmic consciousness to bear as he explicates the album’s title and theme: “Once every 26,000 years our planet crosses through the elliptical plane at the center of our galaxy known as the dark rift. The songs on Dark Rift lyrically deal with humanity entering a new age or next phase of our existence…” The cosmic, sci-fi theme is paired with an earthly, mechanical mentality on the clatter and clang of the beat-driven “Boys in Blush,” but “Trance Doll” plays around with a more chilled-out, spacey sound; it also sports some better than average vocalizations, considering the context. A lot of this stuff has a cut-and-paste quality, as displayed on “Goth Star,” which loops a Fleetwood Mac sample as it performs its heavy duty dance moves on an unsuspecting world. Although it took a few listens to reveal itself, this is not just “dance music.” There’s a definite human element that peeks its head out of the portal occasionally, and the whole affair grows on you like a kind of itchy rash. in imposemagazine "Dark Rift" it's a weird combination of eurodance with something caught on the past rave scene, it doesn't fit in a particular kind of musical genre... but it fills up a lot of diferent elements which might be considered "harsh" for some people when they ear it, anyway we like it, sounds like a party that will never end. mu [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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