ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - Betrayed In The Octagon

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - Betrayed In The Octagon (NO FUN) Comentários: Having initially emerged as a cassette on Deception Island in 2007, the tremendous No Fun Productions reissues Betrayed In The Octagon with re-sequenced tracks and a remastered sound for vinyl. Far removed from the sort of noisy deluge you might ordinarily expect from the Brooklyn label this LP is a feast of analogue synthesis that's sure to please fans of Popol Vuh, Emeralds, J. D. Emmanuel and early electronics exponents like Raymond Scott. From the steady-handed opening tones of 'Woe Is The Transgression I' you know this is going to be rather special, and sure enough, by the time you finish the first side with the cascading arpeggios of the title track you'll be in vintage electronics heaven. Not only is it all so effortlessly warm and saturated in woozy tape warble, it's also wonderfully tuneful and unselfconscious, for which Massachusetts synth wrangler Daniel Lopatin should be greatly applauded. in boomkat


javan said…
thank you for this. ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER is real revelation for me

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