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Saturday, October 31, 2009

NAJEM SWORB Guest Mix @ Vessel

1. Demetrio Giannice - Talk beatdown edit
2. Above Smoke & Marvin Belton - sweet love(S. Fergusson dub rmx)
3. Solab - new life
4. My Left Tool -Tobias Remix
5. Mushtest - 66 (chez damier's the dub mix)
6. Najem Sworb - Forte
7. Seldomfelt1 - A1
8. Sketches - Kenny Larkin Version
9. Rhythm S sound - smile (W,sawage)
10. Brothers' vibe - Feelin House (Raw Mix)
10. Terence Dixon - climb
11. M-05
12. Wassermann - Fackeln im sturm eins
13. Deuce - Guttering
14. Dj Bone - We Control The Beat
15. Shed - The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon Remix)
16. Gerald Mitchell - Los Sunshine
17. The Suburban Knight - Maroon
18. B12 - Magnetic Fields
19. Revenue - Untold Remix
20. Cristian Vogel -XPUTE theWoopWoop
21. Unotld - I Cant Stop This Feeling
22. Bernard Parmegiani - Natures Éphémères

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Blogger electriklife said...

Najem Sworb, Born in 1974. Living in Strasbourg, France.

He has been a Dj since the mid nineties and participated to the growth of his local musical scene by broadcasting music on radio and organizing parties with fellow dj Syrob. He connects with local artist from the area of Clermont-ferrand, an industrial city sat at the feet of sleeping volcanoes. Among them, Eedio, SYD, Nancy Fortune are going to gain international focus as they released music on labels such as Device, Bpitch ctrl, Viewlexx, Clone...
He started making music in 2002 as he got his first own computer.
In 2003 he moved to Strasbourg, where he started connecting with local djs and developped the local scene.

From Detroit to Berlin, London to Cologne, Chicago to Sheffield, many artistic scenes have influenced him, in the field of electronic music: Carl Craig, Maurizio, Wolfgang Voigt, and Autechre to name a few.

First releases in 2007 on RUR, a rare offshoot label of Ai records, and then Hydrocarbon Ep, on Ai itself. Followed a participation to a common release with two other Ai artists in 2008.

Since then he's been working on his debut Lp, and on two remixes which are to be announced some time soon.

Sunday, 01 November, 2009  

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