TRAXX - Faith (Nation)

TRAXX - Faith (Nation) Comentários: Dirty Criminal Melvin Oliphant links up with James T Cotton and D'Marc Cantu for a double pack of raw and effective Chicago house, done the old-skool way. 'Violet Epoch' and 'Enka' are striaght up jack tracks, built from rugged patterns and evil noises, while 'Parametric Melody' features narcotic keys from Tiny and an unnamed but very cool vocal, while 'My Soul' is a less successful workout with uncomfortably fitting vocals from Nancy Fortune. The best tracks are definitely those produced in collaboration with James T Cotton aka Tadd Mullinx, either on the ruff 'Cosmic ZigZag', or the extended final scene 'XTC 4 Luv' featuring the two getting deeep into their box-banging groove. Jack-it. [Listen/Samples]


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