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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hieroglyphic Being - Reel Torque: Volume 1

Hieroglyphic Being - Reel Torque: Volume 1 (Reel Torque) **Limited Edition Pink C90 cassette with J-card design & illustration by Savwo, housed in a hand-stamped outer sleeve** Reel Torque is a new mixtape label administered by our staunch pals behind Manchester's Faktion events and clubnights. This first issue is an extract of a warts-'n-all recording of Chicago's dancefloor mystic, Hieroglyphic Being, captured in full flight on 06/10/2012 at Endless Race, the closing party for Newcastle's Tusk festival, on a now-legendary European tour which saw him turn a practically sober monday night crowd in Manchester into mind-blown, sweat-drenched devotees for life (a recording of said night was attempted, and failed due to cosmic intervention). Recorded at the start of his fateful voyage, this tape starts with a true baptism of acid fire, overdriven tae f**k and intended to separate casual listeners from the freaks. Soon enough the fader's cut to classic disco and continues to swerve between Jamal's own, precious edits of new wave, boogie, earliest house and warehouse acids without a pause for breath. You'll never come close to fully capturing the vibe of Hieroglyphic Being in situ, towering over the decks, eyes in the back-of-his-head and swaying like a cult leader preaching jakk gospel, but we reckon this performance comes close. Warning: if you're a DJ pedant, or can't handle a bit of grit on yer biscuit, you need not apply. This one is for the reeel freeeks only! via boomkat

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