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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Container - Treatment

Container - Treatment (Morphine) Motorik noise techno malevolence from the one 'n only Container on Morphine Records. Following his much loved and well-caned issues on Spectrum Spools, and now backed with dancefloor celebrity endorsement from Ben UFO and Jackmaster, the Providence, RI-based producer's 'Treatment EP' is possibly his finest to date. We're most partial to the two A-side jobs, a squashed and unusually restrained sludge jakker called 'Interior', and the almost Powell-like overdrive of 'Saturated' with its incendiary layers of distortion and acid culminating a muscle-burning momentum. B-side he stretches out on the slower, tracky distorto jak ov 'Treatment', and spends in final energies in a freaky metallic wormhole called 'Obstruction'. in boomkat

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