Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes

Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes (MATHEMATICS) Beamed direct from the mind of Chicago's Jamal Moss: the incredible 'Imaginary Soundscapes' of Hieroglyphic Being. His follow-up to the delirious 'Lost Transmission' for Morphine Records amounts to his most substantial vinyl issue since 'So Much Noise To Be Heard', with the implication that this gear really ought to be on wax. And we'd fully agree. In fact, it's almost worth it for the first disc alone; an extended probe into the noisiest, dissonant, practically beatless sectors of his imagination, at times coming off like a lo-fi alternative to Rashad Becker's 'Music For Notional Species', at others like the Raymond Scott's most deranged sci-fi fantasies or Pierre Bastien making mechanical melodies with Herman Blount, but ultimately, the work of a singular artist. As a massive bonus, there's another disc of beat-driven works, four tracks of attuned harmonic chaos and cosmic jakk beats, including one almighty warehouse bomb tucked away at the end. Highly recommended! in boomkat


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