DVA DAMAS - Nightshade

Dva Damas - Nightshade (Downwards America) LA's Dva Damas follow up that killer 10" on Downwards' DO series with a debut album of swaggering songs for serial killers and rogue souls. 'Nightshade' blends the same traces of Morricone's western themes often adopted by Monte Cazazza, with a stripped down gothdub approach and the kind of noirish, druggy '50s intrigue felt in Lynch classics, resulting a sinister, creepy and hip-driving sorta sawdust-and-shots backwater bar vibe. You could imagine these songs played by the duo of Taylor Burch and Joseph Cocherell from behind chicken wire to a crowd of disinterested loggers and hep kids cranked on powders. It's a ghoulish and sexy sound, RIYL Factory Floor, Blood Money, Powell, Silent Servant. in boomkat [Para Ouvir /Samples]
Nightshade LP by DVA DAMAS


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